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Presenter Presentation Guidelines

Presenter Presentation Guidelines

The Ad Astra Summit Planning Committee will work with each presenter before the conference to make sure familiarity with the in-person conference platform needs are met.
Presenter Presentation Submission Requirements
  • Presentation

  • Video (Optional)

  • Abstract


Format of Presentation

These presentations will be 50 minute moderated breakout sessions. Presenters should expect 1-2 presentations in one session and additional questions towards the end of the session from attendees. Presentations should be engaging and highlight the main points of research.



Presenters must submit the final version of their presentation to by September 1, 2024 to avoid any last-minute issues. We will have the presentation ready in the breakout session. Please save PowerPoint slides as a PDF or Google Slides presentation to save the formatting of the presentation.



Presenters must submit a final abstract/presentation description, which should be

  • (i) in PDF format

  • (ii) no more than 3 pages long

  • (iii) typeset in two-column pages


  • Moderator discretion is used if they need to interrupt presentations to clarify points or answer audience questions.

  • Presenters are put in contact with their moderator well in advance of the conference to discuss all the details of their session.

  • A dedicated representative of the Ad Astra Summit on Education will be present during presentations to assist with any other needs.


Miscellaneous Suggestions​
  • Practice your presentation. Keep in mind the following items during your presentation​

    • Introduce yourself and your research

    • Use your slides efficiently and effectively

    • Present key research findings and information most relevant to the audience of international educators

    • Answer attendee questions

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