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Scoring Rubric

The following areas will be considered by reviewers when scoring abstract submissions:

1. Criteria

1)  Importance of the topic

  • Is the topic area original/important/relevant to the conference theme?

  • Are the aims of the study clearly described?

  • 2)  The approach (design/methods)

  • Is the study design appropriate for the stated research question(s) and aims?

  • Are the methods/ methodological approach clearly described?

  • What is the overall quality of the study methods employed (or proposed)?

  • 3) Findings

  • Are the key findings clearly described?

  • 4) Consequences (significance)

    • How important are these research findings?

  • 2. Peer Review Process

    All submitted abstracts will be reviewed independently by at least two peer reviewers. The aim of this process is to ensure a high quality program of presentations and a lively, informative meeting. We welcome interesting, well designed and well conducted work at all stages of development / delivery and ask reviewers to give equivalent weight to abstracts relating to work-in-progress and completed work. The main focus of our peer review process is the extent to which submissions meet the criteria for quality, relevance and importance.

    3. Ranking

    1 = did not meet expectation
    2 =  partially met expectation
    3 =  met expectation
    4 = exceeded expectation

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